Introducing DayZ

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Introducing DayZ

Post by DillyKing on Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:08 pm

Dayz is a multiplayer only game. You can either play on a public server or u can also get a server with ur friends and put a password on it so u and ur friends can play alone.

You are a survivor in the zombie apocolypse. your goal is to survive as long as possible, find food, drinks and if needed some medical supplys. To find these supplys you have to search trouch buildings, but the zombies are always arround, so keep an eye open. For food u can also kill animals if u have a knife to gut it and wood and matches to cook it. If u have a waterbottle u can also refill it at village wells, waterpumps or lakes (obviously not with seawater).

Zombies are not the only danger around, there is also the treath of other survivors, they are most likely not friendly and will potentionaly kill you for your supplys. Thats why its not so bad to roll with a crew, if ur in big troubles, surrounded by zombies, other survivor trying to kill u or if u need some healing u name it, u won't have to deal with the problems yourself cuz u got a crew behind u ready to help u out

Besides food, drinks and medical supplys u can find:
- Weapons (link)
- Vehicles: bicycles, motorcycles, cars, busses, trucks and even helicopters and airplanes (link)
- Other usefull gear: (link)
- Backpacks: (link)

The most played map is Chernarus, this is the standard map played in a post-sovjet state, but there is a whole list of other maps and mods.
For example u have the Dayz 2017 mod, this is still on Chernarus but, u have less supplys, the cars that are left are all old and rusty. 2017 is played 5 years after the zombie apocolypse.
Another example is Dayz Takistan, this is a different map, citys in a desertlike enviroment, small towns, smaller map then chernarus.

Chernarus and official introduction to dayz:

Dayz 2017:

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Re: Introducing DayZ

Post by Next on Sun May 19, 2013 8:21 pm


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